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The Factors Affecting the Working Efficiency of the Stack Sizer

Le 6 novembre 2014, 04:40 dans Humeurs 0

Stack is composed of up to five individual screen decks laying one above the other and operating in parallel, the stack sizer can be fitted with high capacity, long life and urethane screen surfaces. Never before has one screening machine had such a high ability in a smallest amount of occupying space. Stack sizer is equipment driven by uniform vibrating source with the multi-layer screen box vibrating together. There are many factors which influence the work efficiency of the stack sizer, these factors can be roughly divided into three kinds.

Firstly, the physical properties of the material can have an influence on the working efficiency of stack sizer. Physical properties of the material include the size composition of the material, humidity, silt content and particle shape etc. When the fine grain content is large, productivity of the sieve is large as well. If the material humidity is big, the screening efficiency will decrease in general. However, the bigger the mesh size, the smaller the moisture influence, so for the wet material with large moisture content, in order to improve the screening process, usually operator can use the way of increasing mesh size or adopts wet sieving. When the material has large silt content (silt content is more than 8%), wet sieving should be used or the screen should be washed in advance.

Secondly, the influence of screen surface properties and structure parameters. The movement of stack sizer is linear oscillation; it makes the particles and the screen surface do vertical movement. So the screening efficiency is high and the production capacity is large. For a certain material, productivity and screening efficiency depend on the of mesh size. Productivity depends on the screen surface width. The wider the screen surface, the higher the productivity. Screening efficiency depends on the length of screen surface. When Screen surface is longer, efficiency of screening is better. length-width ratio is normally 2. The bigger the opening rate, the higher the productivity in unit area and screening efficiency. And the larger the mesh size,the higher of the efficiency and productivity.

Thirdly, the working efficiency of the stack sizer is influenced by the production condition. The feeding load of stack sizer and the feeding uniformity mean a lot to screening process. The angle of the inclination for the stack sizer should be suitable. Usually, the angle is determined by taking a test. The amplitude and the shake frequency of the sizer are important. They are associated with the structure property of the sieve. In a certain range, increasing vibration can improve the screening index.

In practice, we can change the working efficiency according to the factors listed above. They are very good indicators for our work. On the other hand, using the stack sizer effectively can prolong the service life of machine as well as save time and money. Thousands of stack sizers are currently operating at oil processing plants worldwide and reaping significant rewards. Stack sizer is becoming more and more popular in the oil processing industry.

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Certain Professional Tips for the Use of Desander

Le 24 octobre 2014, 07:12 dans Humeurs 0

Desanders and desilter are strong handle gear with a arranged of hydro cyclones that separate sand and silt from the drilling fluids in drilling rigs. Giving you certain desander professional tips, you will have a better understanding of desander . Desanders are set up on top of the mud tank pursuing the shale shaker and the degasser, but prior to the desilter. Desander gets rid of the abrasive solids from the drilling fluids which cannot be eliminated by shakers. Regularly the solids diameter for desander to be divided would be 45~74μm, and 15~44μm for desilter.

A centrifugal pump is utilized to pump the drilling fluids from mud tank into the arranged of hydrocy clones.

Solids handle: Desanders have relocating components. The bigger the inside diameter of the desander is, the higher the quantity of drilling fluids it is capable to procedure and the bigger the dimension of the solids eliminated. A desander with a (10 inches (250 mm) cone) is capable to get rid of 50% of solids inside the 40-50 μm (micrometer) range at a flow pace of 500 us gallons every moment (32 l/s), while a desilter (4 inches (100 mm) cone) is capable to get rid of 50% of solids inside the 15-20 μm range at a flow pace of 60 us gallons every moment (3.8 l/s). Micro-good separators are capable to get rid of 50% of solids inside the 10-15 μm range at a flow pace of 15 us gallons every moment (0.95 l/s). A desander is usually positioned subsequent-to-final in the arrangement of solids handle gear, with a decanter centrifuge as the subsequent processing device. Fuel busters precede desanders, gumbo removing gear (if utilized), shale shaker, mud cleaner (if utilized) and a vacuum degasser desanders are broadly utilized in oilfield drilling. Exercise has proved that hydro cyclone desander is a type gear of financial and efficient.

Hydro cyclone desander in accordance to ministry of building atlas normal, it obtains much more innovation in the fundamental of a lot of many years, degassing impact is much more perfect. According to centrifugal sedimentation and density variation basic principle, when drinking water fluid key in into tangential strong handle gear in the purpose of particular stress will create powerful rotational movement. Simply because drinking water and sand density is diverse, in the purpose of centrifugal force and fluid drag force make the reduced density pure drinking water increasing and discharged from overflow, the sand with huge density will subside to bottom and discharged from draining sand to achieve the intention of degassing. In a particular range and problem, the consumption stress of degasser is huge, the degassing effectiveness will be huge and also can be utilized of a lot of sets of parallel link.

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